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Was going to write this a few days before I officially leave, but it would be kind of stupid only having it up for a few days and then up and leaving. 

Why I'm Leaving

Like finals-stressed self briefly said in April, I will officially be deactivating this account in the next month or so (I said late May, but it'll most likely be mid-June now). When I had my breakdown in 2013 and left dA, I also stopped drawing all together, and I haven't picked it back up since. That's 4 years without drawing. I lost any drawing ability I had. I've tried, but I've had no luck. 

I also abandoned Wastelands (Fallen back then) during this time too for several years. However, Wastelands is my baby. I've been working on it LOOOOONG before I even considered joining dA, even before I had my very illegal account many, many years ago (I was like 10-11 and made an account). Wastelands is one of those things I refuse to let die, I have too much investment into it. I made a promise to myself: get a good start on Wastelands this year because I don't have much time left to finish it. I graduate from UW-Madison in 2 years (:omg:), and I'm not sure where my path is going to take me yet. Either way, if I go on to graduate school, I will have little to no free time. If I get a job right away (planning to go into marine biology research), good-bye any free time. I'm seriously running out of time, and it scares me that soon I'll have to say good-bye to my little world that got me through some rough times. 

However, DeviantART is probably one of the worst places to post literature. This site mainly focuses on visual art, not written art. That was my initial reason for considering leaving. But then more happened.

The time I left, I didn't fully leave; I still lurked around on here. While I was lurking, I saw some serious shit unfold on here. Art thefts, shitty moderators, and a bunch of other controversies. I didn't want any part of that shitshow. I also watched this site start going downhill rapidly. I honestly believe in a few years DeviantART will be no more. 

I also decided I wanted to possibly publish Wastelands in the future. From what I heard, DeviantART has a bad rep of claiming ownership of your work as soon as you post something. I didn't want DeviantART's grubby hands claiming partial ownership when the time comes. 

What's Next

While I'll be closing this account permanently, I do have another account, IntoTheWastelands . This account is my Wastelands-only account, and I will be posting updates about it in journals (personal in activity), and maybe post any other random content that isn't going into the main story. If you're interested in that, I recommend following that account. 

The first draft of Wastelands will be found here:…

If you're not interested, well...I guess this is good-bye for now. 

Where Else You Can Find Me: Personal

I lurk on every other social media site besides Facebook. If you want to follow me yet, here's my...

TWITTER: (mainly me going UGHHHHHHHH about life and I LOVE MADISON and other random stuff)
TUMBLR: (it's a bunch of random stuff, mainly doggos. Right now Chris Cornell took it over RIP dude :( )
YouTube: Username: Mikachizi (I rarely use) 
WEBSITE: (my blog, mainly college related stuff) 

I also have a Snapchat and Skype, but I'm not giving those out unless I've known you for a good while, sorry

Where Else You Can Find Me: Professional 

I have social media for Wastelands as well


Shout-Outs A Long Time Coming 
Before I go, I want to shout out a few people.

songc iLoveArtandDrawing and TheSonofRapture : you three are literally the best friends I've ever had. We've been through it all together really. Five years strong and still going. I can't thank you guys enough, you three are my rock. This isn't good-bye for us though, I'll talk to y'all on Skype/Twitter/Snapchat bruhs~ :la: (and iLoveArtandDrawing be ready to tear apart State Street when you come to Madison sometime :dummy:)

Rapid-Star : I think one of my biggest regrets on here was falling out of touch with you after being such good friends ever since I joined. You helped me through one of the darkest parts of my life, and I don't think I ever really thanked you for that. If you ever want to get back in touch one day, you know where to find me. I solemnly swear I'm holding no ill-will, so don't hesitate to if you ever want to talk :)

Suicidal-s-a-b : I know I sent you a note thanking you a few years ago, but I still mean it. You're the one who woke my sorry ass up and made me get help.  I'm not sure where I would be right now if you didn't. I'm not sure if you're still active on here, but I hope life took you to a great place. Thank you for saving my life.

Zombieguy115 brambleclaw33 Grumpol TheBasketKid SilvestianRose and ThiranosTales : I know your accounts ended up like mine, so you'll most likely not see this, but thank you for being awesome, and I hope you're all doing well.  

BelovedofTHEKING : Heyyyy how's it going? I miss talking to you, shoot me a message on Skype sometime. I would love to get back in touch if you want :) 

Animal-Anime-Lover : Hello~ I'm still active on Tumblr, and I'm usually online on my phone if you ever want/need to chat :)

To the ones that left a long time ago: most likely, I have your Skype, so I'll see you on there~

To everyone: you all made life a little better for me when I need some form of light in my life. Ultimately though, I needed to seek help and recovery. I wish I left in 2013 on better terms. So, thank you to everyone for putting up with my emo shit then, and I wish you all the best. 

The Official Good-Bye

Honestly, I've been gone for years, I just never officially said good-bye. This account was born at the worst time of my life, and it holds a lot of those memories. Right now, I'm the happiest I've been for...God...years. I'm in a good mental state now. I've already explained why I'm doing this, and I hope you guys all understand. The past 5 years have been...interesting to say the least. I went from depressed and suicidal (when I left) to a neutral meh (end of high school) to happy (graduation) to depressed again (Coe College) to the happiest I've ever been (now). 

I probably wouldn't have made it through 2012-2014 without you guys though. You guys brought me back from the edge many times. You guys gave me something worth living for, even when I was at my lowest point. There aren't enough thank yous in the world for that. 

I don't know what my future holds for me, but I promise you all it's going in a much better direction. Thank you for everything, and I wish I could have been more active/happier in the past. Maybe one day we'll meet again (if you're not following Wastelands), but for now this is good-bye. 

Thank you again, for everything


(hears wind whipping shit around outside) 
Yup. Just another day here in cheeseland. Same shit as always :stare:
*walks into dA*
*hears unholy screeching by furries* 
*leaves dA* 
Nothing screams happy birthday like a trig final
At least after tomorrow I'm done writing papers. Now for finals...:stare: 

And I'm just using this for general updates. Haven't had time to go through the account and start saving so I can deactivate this.
Me when three Badgers are drafted into the NFL 


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Happy Birthday! :party:
I'll see you on your new account! :cake:
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Heyuh, happy birthday!
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You're welcome! :D
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HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, Catz, a.k.a. "Mikachizi," deviant friend!
You are now becoming a young 'n grown adult today!
Singing Singing Singing Singing Dance! Dance! Boogie! Boogie! Party Airborne

Good luck, and I hope you'll have a great birthday today!
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